About  the  Municipality


Krishnanagar Municipality is one of the oldest municipalities of the state. It was established in the year 1864 and formally started functioning from 01.11.1864 with all its 15 (fifteen) members duly nominated by the then Govt. Initially, the Chairman and the V ice-Chairman also used to be nominated by the Govt.


  However, the list of Chairman & Vice-Chairman of the municipality since the date of inception in 1864 is given below    






   Name of the Chairman.   


   Date of Chairmanship   



E. Grey, Esqr


2.   Lord H. Ulick Browne 25.04.1865 
3.   H. Bell, Esqr  11-2-1867
4.   J. Westland, Esqr 25.02.1868
5.   H. Bell, Esqr 25.05.1868
6.   J. Monrao, Esqr 11.01.1869
7.   C.C. Stevens, Esqr 25.03.1870
8.   W.B. Oldham, Esqr 26.6.1872
9.   C.C. Stevens, Esqr 12-9-1872
10.   W.V.G. Taylor, Esqr 27-7-1878.
11.   W.R. Larminee, Eaqr  29-11-1864
12.   Rai Jadu Nath Rai Bahadur 28-1-1885
13.   Ram Chandra Mukherji 30-4-1887
14.   –Do- 31-1-1888
15.   Moharajah Khitish Chandra Rai Bahadur 8-3-1891
16.   Jadu Nath Chatterjee 7-3-1893
17.   –Do- 10-3-1894
18.  Rai Prosanna Kumar Bose Bahadur 9-7-1897
19.   –Do-  9-5-1900
20.   Jadu Nath Chatterjee 22-9-1903
21.   Basanta Kumar Chatterjee 8-9-1906
22.   Bidhu Bhusan Chakraborty 8-7-1908
23.   Bejoy Gopal Mukherji 1-4-1909
24.   Rai Biswambhor Roy Bahadur 28-6-1909
25.   Rai Prosanna Kumar Bose Bahadur 24-7-1909
26.   Rai Biswambhor Rai Bahadur 22-7-1912
27.   Hari Prosad Chatterji  January,1915
28.   –Do- 1916
29.   Rai Biswambhor Rai Bahadur 1917
30.   Hemchandra Dutta Gupta 14-11-1918
31.   Hari Mohan Mukherji 1920
32.   –Do- 1921
33.   Rai Biswambhor Rai Bahadur 1922
34.   Hari Mohan Mukherji 17-11-1924
35.   –Do-  19-11-1927
36.   Surendra Kumar Basu (for 3 months acting)      29-8-1929
37.   Hari Mohan Mukherji 29-11-1929
38.   Surendra Kumar Basu 1930
39.   Rai Rakhal Raj Biswas Bahadur 1931
40.   Khan Bahadur M. Azizul Haque 8-7-1933
41.   Sudhindra Chandra Maulik 23-6-1934
42.   .Nrishingha Prosad Sarkar 3-2-1948
43. Sudhindra Chandra Maulik 15-6-1956
44. Nrishingha Prosad Sarkar 26-3-1959
45. Sudhindra Chandra Maulik 1-9-60
46. Sree Narendra Nath Roy 24.12.1964
47. Nrishingha Prosad Sarkar. 02.05.1965
48. Administrator 15.09.1965.
49. Nrishingha Prosad Sarkar 31.05.1967.
50. Administrator 01.07.1968
51. Harendra Prosad Bhattacharjee 31.08.1968
52. Bholanath Dutta 10.09.1971
53. Administrator 20.03.1976
54. Suhrid Kumar Chatterjee 08.07.1981
55. Sibnath Chowdhury (Acting) 01.09.1984
56. Suhrid Kumar Chatterjee 27.11.1984
57. Bholanath Dutta 29.06.1988
58. Jyotirmay Bhattacharya 04.12.1990.
59.  Gouri Shankar Dutta  16.07.1993
60. Debasish Roy (Acting) 26.04.1994
61. Gouri Shankar Dutta 01.06.1994
62. Gouri Shankar Dutta 01.06.1994
63. Administrator 16.07.1998
64. Uday Kumar Mitra 28.12.1998
65. Asim Saha 19.12.2008


                         While traversing a long way during the last about one and a half century, the municipality witnessed a galaxy of various historical events both during the pre –independent era under British rule and post –independent decades, as well. Simultaneously, while extending numerous types of civic services to its citizens during such a long period, it has been enriched with a high level of knowledge and vast experience through the successes attained and failures met.


                         However, by now, the municipality has given its citizens the rare opportunity of observing the 150 th year of its establishment in the next year, for which the present Board of Councillors feels proud and privileged to celebrate this historical event in a befitting manner. In fact, year-long various programmes would commence right from Nov., ‘2013 to commemorate this occasion.


                       We all know that this municipality is one of the oldest municipalities of the state. We are proud of its historical importance & cultural heritage of this town, the salient events of which have been depicted, in brief, in the article named “About the Town” duly posted in this site. The citizens of this town have been privileged to have witnessed closely a series of historical events over a period of more than two centuries. The town is proud of being the birth place of a galaxy of distinguished personalities. The residents of this town have also been blessed to have witnessed intimately the memorable activities of a number of eminent persons.


                        But, at the same time we are also concerned with some specific problems which such old cities are usually entangled with. And this is an area where our attention remains focused. In consideration of all these factors and to enable the municipality to meet the increasing demands, both in terms of quality and quantity, the present Board of Councillors have identified the following areas to implement various schemes on priority basis:


1. Supply of filtered drinking water under UIDSSMT.

2. Construction of dwelling houses for the slum-dwellers and

overall development of slum-infrastructure under IHSDP.

3. Solid Waste Management and schemes relating to public health.

4. Development of Drainage System.

5. Improvement of the municipal roads & ferry-ghats.

6. Arrangements for proper street lighting.

7. Reforms of old Bus stands & construction of new Bus terminus.

8. Construction of houses for holding functions like 

marriage/other purposes and public toilets.

9. Construction of shopping complexes for the benefits of small 

businessmen & retail traders and overall beautification of the town.

10. Implementation of new Health schemes and extension of the on-going schemes.

11. Implementation of various schemes like IGNOAPS, IGNWPS, IGNDPS 

& NFBS under National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP).

12. Implementation of various schemes under Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rozgar Yojona 

(SJSRY) for the benefit of the people living below poverty level (BPL).


Councillor's Board

Ward No. 1

Sumita Biswas Das
Phone: -
Ghurni Gharami Para lane

Ward No. 2

Sulekha Deb
Phone: -
A.K.Dev Saranee,Ghurni

Ward No. 3

Goutam Roy
Phone: -
Ghurni, Masjid Lane

Ward No. 4

Asit Kumar Saha
Phone: -
Ghurni Beltala Bazar

Ward No. 5

Arpita Chakraborty
Phone: -
Kanthalpota J.K.Saha lane

Ward No. 6

Subrata Mondal
Phone: -
M.A.Dutta lane, Nazira Para

Ward No. 7

Suprovat Ghosh
Phone: -
Banku Darjee lane, Chaker Para

Ward No. 8

Sisir Karmakar
Phone: -
Kaltala, Klinagar, Bagula Road

Ward No. 9

Rita Das
Phone: -
Mallick Para

Ward No. 10

Asim Saha(Chairman)
Phone: 9434055824
Ashu Roy Road,Saktinagar

Ward No. 11

Nitya Nanda Pramanick
Phone: -

Ward No. 12

Pradip Dutta
Phone: -
Raja Road, Mallick Para More

Ward No. 13

Sukla Das
Phone: -
Shiro ratna lane, Majherpara

Ward No. 14

Swapan Saha
Phone: -
Nalua Para

Ward No. 15

Dilip Das
Phone: 9046274225
D.L.Roy Road, Bowbazar

Ward No. 16

Ranu Kundu(Pal)
Phone: -
Sree Durga Colony

Ward No. 17

Niva Das
Phone: -

Ward No. 18

Anupam Biswas
Phone: -
Jainal Abedin Road

Ward No. 19

Dilip Biswas
Phone: -

Ward No. 20

Mithu Ghosh
Phone: -

Ward No. 21

Bulbul Sarkar
Phone: -
Chhutar Para

Ward No. 22

Ayan Dutta
Phone: -
Acchutananda Dutta Road,Golapati

Ward No. 23

Binoy Halder
Phone: -
Malo Para

Ward No. 24

Sashi Gopal Sarkar(vice chairman)
Phone: -