Dear Citizens & friends,
We are indeed happy to inform you that we are going to launch our website www. krishnanagar to dedicate it to the citizens and interested persons who could get access to various information and relevant statistics about the town and on the services rendered and developmental projects executed/undertaken by the municipality.

On this occasion, if we take a retrospect on the process of civilization, we would see that from time immemorial people must have felt the need for living a better quality of life in all senses of the term and as the civilization marches ahead through evolution, urbanization also goes on side by side. In this context, it would not be perhaps irrelevant to mention that urbanization is, in fact, both the cause and effect of the evolution of civilization and is also regarded as the index of human advancement and progress. We all know that urbanization is such a process that it not only aims at providing some basic amenities to its citizens, but also it brings about some socio-economic changes, which create, inter alia, greater opportunities for livelihood, as well. And this leads to influx of people from outside, which not only results in higher population-density, but also warrants expansion of the towns/cities. It has been estimated that in next two or three decades about 40% of the people of the country would be living in the towns/cities against the present figure of 27. 8%.This is one of the reasons which had, in fact, prompted the Govt. of India to enact the Constitution (74th Amendment) Act, 1992 almost two decades ago, by means of which the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) have been vested with more powers and responsibilities, so as to make them properly equipped to cope with the increasing demand. A massive programme under the name of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) has been launched by the G.O.I. with their major financial support for development of required infrastructure on various sectors.

In conformity with the spirit of the above-stated facts and to enable this municipality to meet the increasing demand both in terms of quality and quantity, the priority-jobs we have identified, are to provide proper sanitation, pure piped-water supply, new and improved roads, street lighting, better drainage system, and to undertake construction of Bus Stands & Commercial Complexes for extending better facilities to the citizens and improvement of environment, as well.

Krishnanagar municipality is one of the oldest municipalities of the state and will observe its 150th year of its establishment in the year 2014, for which however year-long programmes will commence right from this year to observe the ceremony in a befitting manner. We are proud of its cultural & traditional heritage and also historical importance, but at the same time we are also concerned with some specific problems which such old cities are usually entangled with. And this is an area where our attention remains focused.

As regards the socio-economic status of the people of this town, it may be noted that about fourteen thousand families live below poverty level (BPL) and more than ten thousand families reside in as many as seventy four nos. of slums. Therefore, another priority-sector we have laid great emphasis on, is ‘Urban Poverty Alleviation’. Along with the Govt. sponsored programmes like SJSRY, ILCS, IHSDP & HUP etc. the municipality has also been earmarking about twenty five percent of its own resource for implementation of various schemes aiming at welfare of the people belonging to the Economically Weaker Section of the society after keeping such provisions in the DDP & the ADPs.

Last but not the least, another mandate of the people, which we are committed to comply with, is to ensure ‘Good Governance’. It needs no mention that it is a process through which the goal needs to be reached. However, we are marching ahead towards achieving the said goal after constantly enriching ourselves with the knowledge & experience gained through discharge of the duties & responsibilities. Besides, we have started computerization in almost all departments and the system for participating in the Video Conferences has also been installed in our office. Now, launching of the Website is considered as the primary step towards introducing e-Governance in this municipality in near future.

Thanking You.


Krishnagar Municipality.